A10 Moto Low Rider S LP9 Kit 127091 Fits MS Road Warrior Fairing#7421

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A10 MOTO Modular bracket mount is designed to work the LP9 Light and Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairing #MEM7421, and fits Low Rider S and Sport Glide.

ADD Baja Designs S2 lights below your Fairing! No problem, Our kits are modular and all you need to is add our S2 Expansion Kit to this system and it will position 2 S2 Lights just below your fairing. Fully Adjustable up/down forward or flush your choice!. Click Here to Add the S2 Kit: 127095-6

Get the Ultimate Lighting Set Up For Your Low Rider S or Sport Glide! We have designed this kit to be plug-and-play for the LP9 Sport or LP9 Pro and it is built to run with a Memphis Shades Road warrior fairing. A very little trimming is required to fit the Sport Glide Road Warrior Fairing over our LP9 Kit and installation for the whole kit can be completed in about 2 hours.

*LP9 Sport does not have a Backlight Function

Simply Put... The Absolute Brightest Light Kit is Available for your bike. This Kit comes complete with a CNC Powder-coated Gloss Black Mounting Bracket, Hardware and Our Spec Engineered Plug and Play Wire Harness all Made In the USA.

A10 MOTO Harness:

The Original Harley LP6/LP9 Wire Harness is proudly engineered here in California. It's created to meet or exceed both manufacturers' quality standards from H.D. to Baja Designs.

Easy to use and 100% Plug and Play using relays and specially wired to "Eliminate" Additional Amp draw from your existing H.D. Harness. We have engineered this kit to be safe and effective in using only the "trigger" from your H.D. to signal the harness which controls 3 key functions.. Daytime Running, Low and High Output.

Avoid costly and permanent damage to your bike's factory harness. When plugging in BIG HORSEPOWER Lighting you want the Best and Safest System to protect your investment. ALL Our H.D. Wire Kits come with a Life Time Warranty.

Baja Designs


The LP9 Sport is perfect for enthusiasts that want a full size light with modern styling and advanced features. The Sport model still includes all of the technology that makes the LP9 series so popular. From Direct Ducted Cooling - that keeps your light cool under stress - to the Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT), which produces an incredible 200 degree spread of usable light. The LP9 Sport utilizes 9 forward projecting LEDS to produce 6,500 Lumens at 61 watts, and 6 LEDs for Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT) which produce 2,280 lumens at 21 watts.


The LP9 Pro utilizes 9 forward projecting LEDS to produce 11,025 Lumens at 105 watts, and 6 LEDs for Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT) which produce 1,140 lumens at 10.5 watts per side. The IPT provides an incredible 200 degree spread of usable light. The housing was designed to provide exceptional heat dispersion by using Direct Ducted Cooling, which allows air to travel from the front of the housing to the rear. With a day-time running light, low, and high power mode, the LP9 will fulfill all your lighting needs.

* Lifetime warranty on Harness, Must have proof of purchase from A10. Warranty void if harness modified and or installed improperly.

Enhance your Harley Davidson motorcycle’s visibility with A10 MOTO’s Performance Lighting Systems featuring the ultra-bright LP6, LP4, and other Baja Designs lights. Experience unparalleled illumination for safer, more enjoyable rides.


What’s Included:

Qty Bracket Part Number / Description
1 Main Bracket Mount 127095-1
Lower Support Bracket 127095-3
:LP9 Light Bracket 127077


Hardware Included:

QTY Std Light Mount Hardware Kit #3002
4 1/4x20x5/8" Stainless Bolts
4 1/4" Stainless Washers


Qty Lower Support Hardware Kit #3004
1/4" Stainless Nylock Nut
2 1/4" Stainless mil Spec Washer
2 5/16x24x2" Stainless socket Heads
2 5/16 Stainless washers
2 5/16 x24 Stainless Nylock Nuts
2 Aluminum Spacers 1.0" tall x .75 dia.


Qty Spacer Hardware:
Aluminum Spacers 1.0" tall x .75 dia.

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