A10 Moto Dual OnX6 Squadron Add On

Light Brackets
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Dual Onx6 Bars isnt enough light for you?? No problem! we have a solution for that... These squadron add-ons bolt to our 127110 bracket and allow you to mount Baja Designs Squadron Sport, Pros, SAE's or Racers to the main bracket.

They will require you to trim your vents or remove them to fit them in place.

Enhance your Harley Davidson motorcycle’s visibility with A10 MOTO’s Performance Lighting Systems featuring the ultra-bright LP6, LP4, and other Baja Designs lights. Experience unparalleled illumination for safer, more enjoyable rides.

What’s Included:

Qty Bracket Part Number / Description
127083-3 Main Brackets

Hardware Included:

QTY Hardware Description
4 5mmx12 stainless Hex Bolts
4 5mm Stainless lock washers
4 6mmx16 Stainless Hex Bolts
4 6mm Internal Serrated Washers
4 6mm Stainless Flat Washer
4 1/4-20 x 5/8" L Stainless Hex Bolts
4 1/4" Stainless Flat Washers

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