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Model: U1O9M1C XXXL TES Cover Newly upgraded this year, is made to fit custom stretched motorcycles and custom choppers. This model has been test fit on some of the most custom stretched baggers from coast to coast. This model will fit 28", 29",30",31"& 32"+ diameter wheels along with the largest fairings and custom extended rear bags up to 16" over stock. UPC 749390338187

XXXL Bagger Dimensions: 130" long x 39" wide by 63" tall. The New TES Stretched Bagger cover fits customs up to 130" in length from front tire to back of bike including the popular pizza box tour-packs.

Water Resistant: The TES Cover Ultra+ material used is waterproof however due to our soft high temp interior, it is necessary to purchase the optional "Cover Guard" if you want to use this cover as waterproof in direct weather. The Cover Guard will protect your investment by adding years to the life of your TES Cover. Its replaceable for only $ 30.00. The Cover Guard attaches to the outside of our Main TES Cover Body and when mated, acts as ONE Cover. 

NOTE: The Cover Guard has been made "light grey in color"  for added heat reflection.

If you have a custom stretched motorcycle, the TES Cover provides unmatched protection keeping your priceless investment looking show worthy. Our covers have been used at bike shows all over the world insuring your ride stays just as you left it. For specific applications or extremely custom applications such as Large Ape hangers combined with large front fairings, contact tech support at TES Covers.

The TES Cover utilizes the industries thickest and most durable materials.


  • Every Cover Comes with an Access Port at back of bike for Charger / Cable / Solar
  • Covers fold up and fit inside a typical side bag, back pack or rear rack


Our Waterproof System offers unmatched protection (when used with the optional "Cover Guard"). Our Dust-filtering Portable Fully Enclosed Cover fits fully dressed cruisers. This cover is not only high in quality, but it's also Fully Enclosed, giving your ride the protection it needs from all weather elements. Our enclosed design provides unmatched protection from salt and humidity. With our filtered vents, the air circulates inside the cover while blocking the salty dew from settling on your motorcycle. The Heavy-duty bottom base provides a badly needed moisture barrier which blocks harmful evaporation from attacking your motorcycle from underneath where most common covers fail.

 New Features:

  • More durable bottom Base. Our latest upgraded drive on bottom base, which is now even more durable and tear resistant. "Now with 1000D double sided PVC Coated Tarpaulin", our newly upgraded drive on bottom base is ready to provide years of protection for your motorcycle.
  • Improved venting and filtration. The New ULTRA+ now has increased venting and filtration. We have redesigned our venting system to provide up to 300% more air exchange which helps prevent condensation. The newly enhanced vent flaps have been made to maintain a positive shape extending out past the general surface of the cover. This insures that fresh air can circulate in and out of the cover which further reduces condensation and other musty issues.  The new filters which cover our increased venting surface prevent unwanted insects and or debris from entering the cover.  
  • Use it with or without the drive on bottom base. Although the TES Cover comes with the innovative "zip closed" heavy-duty bottom, you have the option of simply using the highly protective top by itself while rolling the bottom section up and storing it in the provided nylon bag. The loose fit design insures a simple and quick installation. This is a great option for daily use of motorcycle. *Note: The bottom base does not actually detach. When using the TES Cover without the drive on bottom, the bottom is rolled and stored in provided nylon bag. 

Pat. Pend. Features:

  • Dual Layered Cover provides extra layer of protection from rain and sun damage, When purchased as option a checkout. 
  • "New" One piece bottom base made from 1000D PVC coated woven tarpaulin.
  • "New" Max Venting System with added filtration.
  • Dual Sided PVC Coating to prevent water penetration
  • Our Optional Cover Guard has multi layered PVC coated proprietary waterproof outer shell.
  • Paint friendly soft commercial grade cotton interior.
  • Industries highest heat rating for soft covers at: 400F (Interior surfaces)
  • Strongest 10 gauge marine zippers available
  • Leading waterproof technology applied to all seams on Cover Guard  (When Optional Cover Guard is added) 
  • Breathable vents lets air in and out without dust/dirt
  • Reflective warning triangles front & rear
  • Twin zip lockable zippers with easy grab pulls (lock not included)
  • Ingenious weather-proof rear access flap provide access for cable lock and charger cord

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