A10 Moto Low Rider ST Billet S1 Pod Front Turn Signal Kit

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Low Rider St Billet Billet S1 Pod Turn Signal Kit from A10 Moto!

We run your turn signals as running lights until your turn signal is activated, then cut the light for a turn signal. Add 4,640 Lumens to the front of you bike with this kit!

Machined out of 6061 Aluminum on a 5-Axis Mill, these turn signals setups are the Bee's Knees!

No more issues of turn signals killing your canbus system! Our Turn signal Harnesses plug directly into our new LP6 Headlight harnesses for Low Rider St.

These harnesses plug into our LP6 Headlight harness manufactured November '22 or later. If you do not have an LP6 harness in your bike from us manufactured Nov '22 or later, you will need to add this Adapter to plug into your current headlight harness.

All harnesses shipped in November '22 and after come with the accessory plug on them to hook into these turn signals.

Enhance your Harley Davidson motorcycle’s visibility with A10 MOTO’s Performance Lighting Systems featuring the ultra-bright LP6, LP4, and other Baja Designs lights. Experience unparalleled illumination for safer, more enjoyable rides.

What’s Included:

QTY Bracket Part Number / Description
127063-1 S1 Turn Signal Brackets left
127063-2 S1 Turn Signal Brackets right

Hardware Included:

QTY Hardware Description
4 M5 x 14 Socket Heads E Coated Black 
2 5/16 x 5/8 x 18 Grade5 Button heads 

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