A10 Moto H4 to H4 add 12V Accy Adapter for Turn Signals

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H4 - H4 add 12V Accy Adapter for Turn Signals

The power available to this port will depend on the power being pulled on the other side of the adapter. If you are running a stock headlight, this should power a pair of S1 pods or a pair of Squadron Sports. With an aftermarket headlight that just plugs into the headlight port, you may not have any power left over to add accy lights. If you are running an aftermarket headlight kit that pulls power from the battery you should be able to run up to 15A

Enhance your Harley Davidson motorcycle’s visibility with A10 MOTO’s Performance Lighting Systems featuring the ultra-bright LP6, LP4, and other Baja Designs lights. Experience unparalleled illumination for safer, more enjoyable rides.

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