Baja Design S2 Series Lens Replacement

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Replacing your old or damaged lens is a breeze. Whether you busted your old one, or you just want to swap out for a different pattern, we have you covered.

Cali Raised Offroad Keeps most of Baja Designs Products in Stock and Ready for professional installation. Contact us for your next build.

Follow the simple directions below to properly replace your lens and o-ring.

S2 Lenses come in various colors and deflector styles.

Available Colors/Styles:

  • Clear Spot 660201
  • Clear Driving Combo 660203
  • Clear Wide Cornering 660205
  • Green 660113
  • Red 660111
  • Blue 660112
  • Amber Wide Driving 660215
  • Amber Driving Combo 660213
  • Amber Spot 660211

Each Kit Includes:

(1) 1 S2 Lens (qty 1) Choose Your Lens Configuration

(1) S2 O-ring (qty 1)

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